Welcome to our new Website & Branding!


We are proud to announce the launch of BSC Die Casting & Finishing’s new branding, logo, and website! We have been working hard behind the scenes to elevate our branding and positioning to reflect our expertise in producing flawless high pressure castings, plastic injection moulding, and finishing for customers in a variety of sectors. In recent years BSC Die Casting & Finishing have changed, grown, and developed massively. Our old branding and website were not positioning us effectively in the marketplace and change was on the horizon.

Our new logo and strapline

We must thank the marketing people for creating our new brand and positioning. They helped us by identifying who BSC Die Casting & Finishing are as a brand, what we stood for as a company, our recent growth and improvement, and our values. This led to the development of the new Brand ID (logo) and our new strapline; “better cast, better finish”, which encompasses everything we do to provide the best for our customers.

the marketing people then scoped, built, and developed our website, showcasing our brilliant new branding and positioning. Our responsive and easy-to-navigate website showcases the fantastic quality of work we produce, giving our customers immaculate and high-quality castings and finishing. Creating engaging copy and call-to-actions, retouching images, and editing exciting videos, the team at the marketing people created an attractive and interesting website built to convert.

We now have a brand and website that effectively portrays our knowledge and expertise, reflects our growth and newly improved position in the market, and highlights the variety of additional services we offer beyond die casting. Our website will be a powerful sales tool for us to attract new customers and show our existing customers the full extent of added value processes we offer.

We hope you find the new website and blog interesting and informative, please check back in the future as our blog will be home to interesting BSC updates, news, case studies, and more. We look forward to supporting you with all die casting, tooling, and finishing requirements, providing quality outputs at a competitive cost having BSC as your partner gives you the best every time.