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Our customers often begin working with us at very different starting points.

Sometimes before a product has completed the design phase and they need our expertise to help bring their project to life through consultation and design for manufacture, sometimes they already have products being made with other companies that they need to move, or somewhere in between.

Whether you need our input at the start of a die casting project or sometime thereafter, over the years our team have become experts at understanding what each customer needs from us and recognising how we can help.

The journey of sourcing die cast or injection moulded parts can be a daunting one unless working with the right partner offering the right solution.

Core Processes

  • High Pressure Zinc Die Casting
  • High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting
  • Plastic Injection Moulding

Added Value Processes

  • Consultation
  • Tooling Design, Project Management, and Component Machining
  • Metal Finishing – Cosmetic and Non Cosmetic
  • Kitting and Assembly


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From concept to design and production, collaboration that makes a difference.

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