• Why BSC

Who are we?

BSC Die Casting and Finishing Ltd has a strong heritage stretching back over 50 years. Together with our sister companies we are regarded as the experts in producing high quality zinc and aluminium high pressure castings to your desired look and performance.

Founded in 1973, BSC pioneered the idea of a one-stop-shop to service the UK’s burgeoning zinc and aluminium pressure diecasting industry.  By the late 1980s we had established ourselves as one of the country’s leading die casting companies, and one of the few capable of handling all sizes and shapes of casting.

Early on, we developed an expertise in the manufacture of increasingly large and intricate zinc beer taps. These taps required a blemish-free surface to allow a perfect chrome finish across a large casting area.  Achieving this difficult task required a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of toolmaking and casting together.  To this day BSC is one of the few UK companies that has machines of the size required to produce large zinc castings for the brewery and drinks dispense market. Over the years this expertise has extended and we are now able to cater for most needs without jeopardising quality or adding on unnecessary cost to you the customer.

We aim for excellence at every stage in the process, from consulting on design for manufacture, tool design, casting production, machining, finishing, and even assembly if required.

It is this approach to collaborative relationships that has enabled us to continually grow and evolve.  Despite the economical and logistical challenges of 2020 and onwards, BSC continues to go from strength to strength.

Our philosophy – Consider it done!

A foundational pillar of customer relationships with BSC Die Casting and Finishing is collaboration.

We believe that by having open and proactive relationships with existing and future customers, we are able to help you navigate through the common pitfalls of sourcing die cast solutions.

From concept to delivery, we have the experience, capability, and desire to work with you to help you achieve your desired outcomes from your die cast parts.

Everyone’s needs are different, regardless of whether you are looking for a partner to manufacture large volume low-cost items, lower volume decorative products, or somewhere in between, we are able to support you in the often daunting journey through feasibility, tooling purchasing, machining, finishing, coating and even assembly or kitting of finished parts.

We have extensive experience of working with casting tools that have been in production with other suppliers in our industry, and helping customers to realise the full potential of their tooling, solving quality problems and reducing lead times.

Our collaborative New Product Introduction processes (NPI) will be deployed to take the risk and cost out of working with us to buy die castings that meet your intended purpose.

Our Customers

We supply die cast and plastic injected components for a variety of customers in a variety different markets.  We are not reliant on any one customer or any one market sector to succeed which helps us ensure our future growth and sustainability.

We currently service customers in the following key sectors but our scope is much further and wider.

  • Home and architectural hardware
  • Automotive
  • Drinks dispense
  • Industrial hardware
  • Sports and leisure
  • Electronics
  • Lighting
  • Construction
  • Agriculture

Group Companies

BSC is uniquely positioned in the die casting sector because of the strength of our partnerships with metal finishing companies due to shared ownership.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our group companies to ensure we provide the casting look or finish you require without adding another supplier in your chain to source this yourself. Please see our gallery page for examples of our work.

Global Metal Finishers

Global Metal Finishers provide high quality, fast, efficient, cost-effective polishing and plating services for a broad cross-section of components across most industries. Highly decorative and protective anti corrosion finishes such as zinc and other functional finishes are key processes, along side automated powder coating and wet spray painting. All operations being carried out to customers specifications at their site in Wolverhampton. The companies’ reputation has provided continual growth to the extent that they are now one of the go-to suppliers in the United Kingdom for metal finishing.

Midland Polishing & Plating

A highly skilled and stable in-house workforce with broad experience in the industry carries out all activities, enabling Midland Polishing & Plating to establish a respected place within the industry. The company uses the most up to date equipment and techniques to ensure that the highest quality products and service standards are maintained.

Our Policies & Certifications

At BSC Die Casting and Finishing, producing and providing premium quality products and services to customers whilst adhering to important quality and Corporate & Social Responsibilities is our priority. We have set out various policies that are followed throughout our work processes and work in line with industry standards to ensure we are giving the best to our customers.

Please see the links to our Quality Policy, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and our Environmental, Health & Safety, and Modern Slavery Policies which all contribute towards our commitment to Corporate & Social Responsibility.

Providing quality die cast, moulded, and finished products for varying sectors.

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