An urgent tooling transfer for Elta Fans

Urgent tooling transfer

Elta Fans first approached BSC in the summer of 2016, as an alternative to their existing supplier.

From day one both companies were able to enjoy a collaborative approach on a die casting resourcing project, with annual quantities ranging from 3,000 to 60,000, each with their own specific die cast tools, and changeovers and auxiliary operation tooling. BSC were able to use their expertise to assess the condition of each tool and advise us of suggested corrective action.

Following the first few weeks of supply, during which both parties discussed the areas to focus on and what was required to bring the tooling to the required condition in order for BSC to operate effectively. A joint plan was created to maximise the benefits to both parties.

BSC and Elta Fans worked together, with great communication, to create an environment where on time delivery and right first time quality standards were maintained to meet & maintain production requirements and most importantly to meet Elta Fans’ customer needs.

Five years on we continue to share a collaborative and pro-active relationship from which both companies benefit, and can share positive gains in terms of pricing, logistics and quality.